Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 8 - in which I go quaking into the abyss that is the Japanese banking system.

End of day 8 - faced my most horrific fears yesterday - banking stuff. Money stuff. Sorted a few things out and got a bit deeper into what I need to do. Very exciting.

A trip to the bank in Japan can take up to a day. Not even joking. It's crazy and it's kanji and it's hard flipping work. It makes me sweat and shake and heavy breathe. Sometimes I even go blind.
I garnered the help of my dear boy on this occassion - he accompanied me and made it so much better.
Not only is he better at banking and knowing what questions to ask and how many times to ask them and in what ways, he is also a whizz at Japanese.
I am not.

I had made a monumental f-up in my excitement at getting a fat tax return; over paying some bills while totally failing to pay others. That fail created some real hoohaas.
Anyway we communicated beautifully and I thought he would divorce me for my indiscretion, but no. I think he rather enjoyed being useful.
And because I have been off the booze, I was better able to communicate in a less banshee-like fashion and be dead reasonable.

Little changes make big differences.
You heard it here.

Still managed a quiet time on the sofa with my coffee this morning and made my bed, which is such a treat to come home to. Now prepping for a mini-presentation I will be doing at 6am tomorrow in my latest coaching course. Very motivated.

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