Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ladies, Jobs, Surprises, Sayonaras, Wine and Trawling not doing.

While I was doing my nightly trawl of blogs, I found this artist on Decor8 blog and thought "I know that name". This is a name from my childhood. Then she resurfaced as she worked in a restaurant in Birmingham with my ex boyfriend and also because a friend of mine was friend with her! Now she lives in Tenerife and creates this beautiful work. AND I WANT TO BUY IT ALL!

I have a new job! Now I work full time at 7 Seas, the corporate training company that I was a part-timer with for the past 3 years. And opportunity arose, I grabbed it and now I have done my first 3 days. So far so good.

Benefits include

# Regular hours

#5 minute walk to the office

#Great team

#Challenging work

#Great boss (my lovely buddy)

#Great Colleagues

#Multiple development opportunities.

#Rather than being on a bus at 7, leaving my house after 9:30
#Having a good breakfast every morning

#Regular meals

#Making delish lunches every day

#More energy

Last week was a wonderful round of social events and networking events including:

#Meeting 3 ladies I haven't seen in over a year, former work colleagues at a gorgeous tofu restaurant between Shibuya and Ebisu near the traintracks. Ever been to Sora no Niwa?

#Sayonara from the school - nice evening in an izakaya in Kokubunji, fun drinks and presents. it has been a great 4 years and I am glad I have made the decision to move on.

#Hanging out with Rach for wine and drinks at home - our attempt at not spending thousands of yen every time we get together for dinner. It's working well!

Friday night I was so pooped I went home and watched 'Cold Feet' all evening.

Saturday I went to the FEW Career Strategies Seminar. It was great fun and quite inspiring. There were women from many different backgrounds and I came away feeling I could do anything. Then dinner with the lovely Rach, Julia and new friend Dagmar. Then we couldn't resist heading over to Araku for a few bevs and a catch up with Martine, Ms T, Ash and my hubby, who by this point had assumed I had left.

Did I mention I completed my tax return? ON TIME.

Mini Suisen
Spring is here! Yata.


At 8:13 pm GMT+9 , Blogger Lulu said...

Congratulations on the new job! It sounds like a good fit for you!

Your wedding anniversary is coming up right? Cognratulations!
Have a good one!

At 8:51 pm GMT+9 , Blogger Timorous Beastie said...


At 11:28 pm GMT+9 , Blogger Sigsy said...

Thanks girls!

And yes Lulu, my anniversary is April 1st! 2 years.

I'm happy with my moves and my week so far. I feel stimulated and refreshed.

Your well wishes buoy me and boost me!

At 4:50 am GMT+9 , Blogger Mairwen said...

Congrats on the move, working close to home is lovely, you are very lucky!!

At 2:27 am GMT+9 , Blogger The Pixy Princess said...

Congrats on the f/t position. huum, are they backfilling for your old position? I may be looking to move next year!! ;)

At 10:38 pm GMT+9 , Blogger Sigsy said...

Thanks chaps for the words of support. It has been such a great move. I am still getting into the swing of things, but my goodness I feel better.
Nix, my old position has been absorbed into my new position.
Hope you are all well.


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